The Guest Houses at Finca Isla

We have 6 Guest Houses, built in a row originally to house Coffee workers. Each House is 6 meters square with a large porch addition. During the day we typically stay on the porches where we can observe nearby Bird and Wildlife and where we have WiFi Internet access.

Each guest house has 2 bedrooms with double beds, kitchen, bathroom with warm shower, and living room. Up to four people can stay in each House, but we have squeezed in 5.

Costs for double occupancy:

Per night $45 + $15 cleaning fee, $10 for each additional person per night

Weekly discount 15%,   Monthly discount 30%


Guests have several choices:  There are many restaurants and markets in Aguas Zarcas and the surrounding area, including a little store 200 meters outside our entrance gates. Guests can dine in Aguas Zarcas, 2 kilometers by foot or $4 one way by Taxi, or they can purchase food and prepare it in the Guest House.

Sometimes we join with our guests for communal meals, going to market, preparing, and cleaning up together. Food typically costs $15 to $20 per day per person.


To make arrangements please contact Josh and Ingrid Greenwood: joshandingrid@hotmail.com

Video introduction to Finca isla – The Island Farm